Federal Fusion Rifle Ammunition F308FS3, 308 Winchester, Fusion Ammunition, 180 GR, 2600 fps, 20 Rd/bx


MPN: F308FS3

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The Federal Fusion Rifle Ammunition F308FS3 is a high-quality ammunition specifically designed for rifles chambered in .308 Winchester. This Fusion Ammunition is known for its exceptional performance and accuracy. Each round weighs 180 grains and has a muzzle velocity of 2600 feet per second, ensuring reliable and consistent ballistic performance.

The Fusion design incorporates a specialized construction that combines the best attributes of two bullet types: the toughness of a copper jacketed bullet and the expansion capability of a lead-core bullet. This fusion of materials results in controlled expansion upon impact, delivering devastating terminal performance and maximum energy transfer to the target.

The box contains 20 rounds, providing shooters with a convenient and reliable supply of ammunition for their shooting needs. Whether you’re a competitive shooter, a sports enthusiast, or a hunter, the Federal Fusion Rifle Ammunition F308FS3 is a trusted choice that offers the perfect balance of accuracy, reliability, and stopping power.