Federal Premium Power Shok Rifle Ammunition 3006HS, 30-06 Springfield, Speer Hot-Cor SP, 220 GR, 2410 fps, 20 Rd/bx


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Hot Core Process

Hot Core Process is an exclusive manufacturing technique used in the production of Federal Premium Power-Shok Rifle Ammunition. This process eliminates the lead oxide layer that can cause core slippage in the bullet. Core slippage refers to the separation of the bullet’s core from the jacket, which can negatively impact accuracy and terminal performance. By removing this lead oxide layer, the Hot Core Process ensures that the core remains securely bonded to the jacket, resulting in consistent and reliable bullet performance.

 Jacket Profile and Fluted Tip

The Federal Premium Power-Shok Rifle Ammunition features a unique jacket profile and a fluted tip. The jacket profile refers to the shape and design of the bullet’s outer casing. The specific jacket profile of the Power-Shok bullet is optimized for reliable expansion over a wide velocity range. This means that the bullet is designed to expand properly and consistently, even at varying distances and velocities.

The fluted tip of the bullet also contributes to its reliable expansion. The flutes on the tip of the bullet help promote controlled and uniform expansion upon impact with the target. This feature enhances the bullet’s effectiveness in transferring energy to the target and ensures that the bullet performs consistently across different hunting scenarios.

Medium to Large Game Hunting

Federal Premium Power-Shok Rifle  is particularly well-suited for hunting medium to large game. With its 30-06 Springfield caliber and 220-grain Speer Hot Core Soft Point bullet, it provides the necessary power and performance for taking down animals such as deer, elk, and bear. The heavier bullet weight of 220 grains contributes to better energy retention and deeper penetration, making it effective for larger game animals. Additionally, the reliable expansion characteristics of the Power-Shok bullet ensure that the bullet delivers sufficient stopping power and terminal performance, making it a reliable choice for hunters pursuing medium to large-sized game.