Hornady LeveRevolution Handgun Ammunition 92792, 45 Colt, Flex Tip, 225 GR, 20 Rd/bx


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HORNADY MFG CO Handgun Ammunition Hornady 45 ACP +P 230 Grain Jacketed Hollow Point Extreme Terminal Performance Hornady’s pistol ammo delivers both accurate and dependable knockdown power. Included in the features are select cases that are chosen to meet unusually high standards for reliable feeding, corrosion resistance, proper hardness, and the ability to withstand maximum chamber pressures along with primers that are chosen for their ability to quickly, completely, and reliably ignite the powder charge. Controlled Expansion
XTP™ bullets are famous for their ability to expand reliably across a wide range of velocities. The XTP bullet was specially built to withstand incredible velocities, and still deliver controlled expansion and weight retention. Special features in the nose facilitate and control expansion on impact.
SPECIFICATIONS:Mfg Item Num: 9096 Category: AMMO CENTERFIRE Caliber :45 ACP + PBullet Type :JHP/XTPBullet Weight :230 GRMuzzle Energy :461 ft lbsMuzzle Velocity :950 fpsRounds/box :20 Round Per Box, 10 Boxes Per Case