Winchester Cowboy Loads USA45CB, 45 Long Colt, Lead, 250 GR, 750 fps, 50 Rd/bx



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WINCHESTER AMMUNITION COWBOY AMMO Winchester 45 Long Colt 250 Grain Lead Winchester cowboy loads with it’s flat nose, cast lead bullets and target velocities. Winchester top quality ammunition factory produced with the finest Winchester components and cast lead bullets. Each load is designed to work in revolvers and lever action rifles while recreating the ballistics of the frontier era and go easy on the firearms bore. With the clean burning, easy shooting, low recoil properties of these loads make them a great choice for any form of casual shooting. SPECIFICATIONS:Mfg Item Num: USA45CB Category: AMMO CENTERFIRE Caliber :45 Long ColtBullet Type :LeadBullet Weight :250 GRMuzzle Energy :312 ft lbsMuzzle Velocity :750 fpsRounds/box :50 Rounds Per Box, 10 Boxes Per Case Winchester Cowboy Loads USA45CB, 45 Long Colt